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For a fun craft challenge, why not recycle any sort of bowl into a fun and unique craft project. If you aren't quite sure where to start, think of some of your favorite things. You can also make a craft or two related to a favorite holiday or event.

Bowl Bonnet Craft

Bowl Bonnet Craft
Use a bowl and a piece of cardboard to craft this bonnet and then decorate it with any craft supplies you have on hand.

Bowl Tambourine

This fun noisemaker craft is made using a bowl, chenille stem, and jingle bells.

Buttons the Snowman

Buttons the Snowman Craft
Follow these instructions and learn how you can build this snowman craft using six white bowls.

Cauldron Craft

Cauldron Craft
You can use a disposable bowl or even a plastic cereal bowl to make this craft. This is a fun craft to make to hold treats for a Halloween party.

Decoupage Coin Dish

Decoupage Coin Dish Craft
use decoupage techniques to personalize a bowl. You can use this bowl to hold coins on your night stand or it would make a wonderful gift for someone's office.

Ladybug Bowl

Ladybug Bowl Craft
Have fun with some paper bowls and red and black paint, and don't forget the wiggle eyes.

Leprechaun's Pot of Gold

Leprechaun's Pot of Gold
Follow these instructions and learn how to turn an ordinary bowl into a pot of gold. I used an empty margarine bowl, but any bowl will work.

Turtle Bowl

Turtle Bowl Craft
An upside-down bowl seems to be the perfect shape for a turtle shell. You can enjoy making your own.

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