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Re-Fashioned Bangle Bracelet Craft


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How to Recycle a Bangle Bracelet
Re-Fashioned Bangle Bracelet Craft

Re-Fashioned Bangle Bracelet Craft

Submitted by Sangeetha
I love this project submitted by Sangeetha from India (you can find her blog at www.justsangy.blogspot.com). She used this technique for giving new life to a bangle bracelet she had that was broken. Next time I am at a garage sale or flea market, I am going to look for bangles that are beaten up and inexpensive and then personalize them using Sangeetha's instructions!

The materials you will need for this project include:

  • Used Bangle
  • Fancy Thread/Embroidery Silk Thread
  • Kundans/Sequins (Optional - Sangeetha explains that Kundan are stones or crystals for use in embroidery)
  • Craft Glue
  • Scissors

Now we can start putting it all together...

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