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How to Make Hockey Pins

Easy Pins You Can Make for Hockey Fans


How to Make Hockey Pins

How to Make Hockey Pins

Learn how to make fun hockey ;pins you can wear while you watch or attend a hockey game, or you can make them as gifts to give to someone who loves hockey. While these pins can all be made for hockey fans, they are also great to make for entire hockey teams.

Youth hockey teams usually participate in a few weekend long tournaments each season. It is customary for the teams hosting the tournament to present each players mom (or dad, grandmother, etc.) with a small pin they can wear during the tournament. It is usually created in each team's color, and it sports their child's jersey number and sometimes their name. While these pins can be purchased for tournaments, many hosts prefer to hand make the pins.

All of the pin projects I share below are easy to make and mass produce, and if all or most of the team parents gather together the task can be accomplished in an evening. These pins can also be modified to suit other youth sports teams, or they make fun magnets for refrigerators or lockers.

I do have two other hockey related pin patterns I created, however I would not recommend making them for tournaments as they are more time consuming. They may serve as a fun gift for just your team moms (or dad, grandmother, etc.)

Please share your hockey pin ideas and designs and they may be feature here. If you want to explore more hockey craft projects, check out this page, or you can find hundreds more free beaded safety pin projects in this directory.

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