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Free Bug Prinatble Bingo Game
Printable Bug Bingo Cards

Printable Bug Bingo Cards

Sherri Osborn
This is a fun game you can make and play at a birthday party or any group event. Download and print out the templates and have fun.

You will need to download either the JPG version or the PDF version of the bingo card and the bug pictures. Print out one copy of each for each person that will be playing the game. Each play then needs to cut out all the pictures and glue one to each square of the bingo card. If desired, you can make the center square a free space. Have everyone leave it blank or write FREE on it and everyone gets to cover it right away.

You will also need one extra sheet of bug pictures for the caller (the person who will be running the game) to use. These pictures should be cut apart and placed in a small container.

When everyone has their game cards done, the caller can start pulling the pictures out of the container. The pictures should be drawn out, one at a time, and shown to everyone who is playing. As the caller pulls out pictures, the players look at their cards and use a small piece of paper, or any small item, to cover the picture if it is on their card. The first person who covers five pictures in a row, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, yells out bingo and wins the game.

Right click on your desired version here and then save it to your computer:

I hope you enjoy playing this bug bingo. If you are looking for more fun games, check out my other Printable Games. You can also check out all of my other printable bingo games.

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