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Button Crafts

How to Make Crafts Using Old Buttons


Discover many fun crafts made with buttons. Make everything from gifts to give to fun decoration and useful household gems. You can use one or more buttons to make one or more crafts, and then make sure you take a moment to submit your project to be included in this collection.

Button Box

Button Box Craft
Follow these directions and learn how you can personalize a plain box with a collection of colorful buttons.

Button Flowers

Button Flowers Craft
Gather together a variety of buttons and learn how to craft them into lovely flowers.

Button Heart

Button Heart Craft
Follow these instructions and learn how you can create lovely heart decorations using wire and buttons.

Button Jewelry

Button Jewelry Craft
Discover how you can craft unique jewelry you can give as gifts or to wear yourself.

Button Shamrock Craft

Button Shamrock Craft
gather together as many green buttons as you can find, grab a piece of paper and some glue, and make this shamrock picture.

Button Snowman

Button Snowman Craft
Use two buttons and a few basic craft supplies to create a tiny snowman you can use to make ornaments, jewelry, or gift toppers.

Button Spider

How to Make a Button Spider
Grab an old button and some embroidery floss and learn how to make an adorable spider you can use for a decoration or turn it into a fun Halloween ring or pin.

Candy Corn Jar

Candy Corn Jar Craft
Discover how easy it is to create a fun candy corn picture using orange, yellow, and white buttons.

Coleen's Life Path Challenge Tags

Coleen's Life Path Challenge Tags
Coleen Franks shared these photos of some gift tags she crafted using buttons.

Make a Button Bracelet

Make a Button Bracelet
This is a great way to use up odd buttons and is fun to make with these simple steps.

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