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How to Make a Personalized Photo Calendar

Make Your Own Family Birthday and Anniversary Calendar from Patricia


How to Make a Personalized Photo Calendar

How to Make a Personalized Photo Calendar

Patricia from Saskatchewan shares this great suggestion for making a personalized calendar featuring photos, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Materials Needed:

In the appropriate date square of each month, add a photo of any family members who have a birthday or anniversary. Patricia also printed the person's name with the year of birth or anniversary under the photo. She includes dates for all of her siblings and their descendants and her own children, grandkids, and great grandkids so most dates have a photo and data. If there is more than one person associated with a specific date, Patricia filled in a extra empty square on the calendar with the additional information.

Patricia is nice enough to e-mail each family a copy of the calendar. It is a great way to help everyone remember important family dates and also have a photo of family members.

From Patricia, "I made a perpetual calendar for my mom's 90th birthday in this manner and had it professionally printed and coil bound. On the back side of each month's page, I put a family tree with all the photos and data for a particular family. For a cover, I used a collage of photos of my mom with Happy 90th Birthday - 2009".

You can find plain and decorated printable calendar pages here.

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