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How to Make a Camping and Picnic Themed Coloring Book


Besides being used for coloring pages, these camping and picnic themed pictures make great last minute craft projects, gifts, and patterns to use for other projects. They are also nice to have on hand to help pass the time while the kids wait to leave on a camping trip or picnic.

Ant Coloring Page

Ant Camping Coloring Book Page
If you are going on a picnic, why not print out and color this realistic looking ant and take him along. maybe he will scare away all of the other ants.

Bar-B-Q Grill

Bar-B-Q Grill Camping Coloring Book Page
I love to eating barbequed food not only while I am camping or on a picnic, but also at home.

Bar-B-Q Grill and Lawn Chair

Bar-B-Q Grill and Lawn Chair Coloring Book Page
This picture looks like a perfect spot to pitch a tent of spread out a picnic. Coloring in the picture and then add more details, like a tent, in the background.

BBQ Utensils

BBQ Utensil Coloring Page
Download and print out this picture featuring a spatula and fork that are used when barbecuing.

Camp Fire

Camp Fire Coloring Book Page
Print out this cozy camp fire and color it in. Why not draw people sitting around it?

Camper Trailer

Camper Trailer Coloring Book Page
Download with coloring page and color in the camper using your favorite colors.

Canoe Coloring Page

Canoe Coloring Book Page
One fun activity you can try when you are on a camping trip is canoeing. Draw the supplies you think you might need to take in a canoe with you.

Canteen Coloring Page

Canteen Coloring Book Page
A canteen is camping's version of a water bottle. Color this one in and keep it close in case you get thirsty on your trip.

Flashlight Coloring Page

Flashlight Coloring Book Page
A flashlight is definitely handy to have close when you are on a camping trip.

Lantern Coloring Page

Lantern Coloring Book Page
While a flashlight is handy to have with you on camping trip, a lantern can usually light up a much larger area.
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