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Candy Christmas House Craft


How to Make a Christmas House Decoration Using Candy
Candy Christmas House Craft

Candy Christmas House Craft

Laurel Sweney
Laurel Sweney from Ohio shared this candy Christmas house she made. To create the house, she used empty household boxes; two from hot cocoa mix and one from crackers.

First she cut squares for the walls and made the roof out of a meat tray. She painted them all light brown so they looked like gingerbread. She then used a hot glue gun to put the walls and roof together and attached a variety of candies to the house.

Laurel made a snowman out of a pine cone that she had painted white. She created a hat and scarf using felt. She painted a pine cone green to look like a Christmas tree and decorated it by gluing on more candy. She also made a Santa in the chimney using a pine cone. She used a bead for his head and felt for his hat. His beard is made from a cotton ball, his arms are made out of pipe cleaners, and she cut his mittens out of blue felt.

Laurel explained, "This took me all day to do... I enjoy crafting and coming up with my own ideas."

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