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Let's craft with candy. You can use any kind of candy you like... It can be wrapped or not and your finished craft can be edible or not. You can also use other items in your project, it does not have to be made using candy alone. Grab some candy and start experimenting. Browse through these projects and then grab some candy and start crafting; don't forget to submit your project.

Advent Candy Tree and Poem

Advent Candy Tree and Poem
Use colorful, wrapped candies as decorations on this cardboard Christmas tree.

Candy Bar Letter

Candy Bar Letter
Discover how you can use candy bars to tell a story or write a letter of congratulations.

Candy Cane Reindeer

Candy Cane Reindeer Craft
A visitor named Reginald shared directions to help you make a reindeer using a candy cane and some basic craft supplies.

Candy Christmas House

Candy Christmas House Craft
This candy house, made by Laurel, was made with a base of boxes from crackers and hot cocoa.

Candy Kiss Rose Bud

Candy Kiss Rose Bud Craft
Check out this project sheet and learn how you can use a couple of Hershey brand kisses to make a rose bud.

Candy Plant

Candy Plant Craft
Decorate a flower pot and then fill it with tasty flowers made using candy.

Candy Sucker Ghost

Candy Sucker Ghost Craft
Gather the kids around the craft table and show them how to make little ghosts out of a sucker, a Kleenex, and a chenille stem.

Candy Wreath Craft

Candy Wreath Craft
Use these instructions to make a wreath for Christmas, or for any occasion, using seasonal candies.

Dr. Seuss Fish Bowl Party Favor

Seuss Fish Bowl Party Favor
These cute, miniature fish bowls are easy to make and they are great to use as a party decoration or favor.

Graham Cracker Houses

Graham Cracker Houses
Have fun constructing a faux gingerbread house using graham crackers instead of gingerbread. Have fun decorating it with frosting and candies.
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