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Paper Doll Costume

Free Halloween Costume Pattern and Instructions


Find out how to make this simple yet creative Halloween costume. Follow these directions submitted by Stacy and you can dress up as a paper doll.

Materials Needed:

Make your paper doll outfit using a large piece of cardboard. Draw out a one-piece outfit, such as a dress, large enough so that if you held it up in front of you it would 'fit'. Make sure you also draw the rectangular tabs used on paper doll clothes to hold them on (on the shoulders and sides). Cut out your outfit and use paint or markers to decorate it. Leave the tabs plain or paint them white.

Wear all white clothing. Use white make-up to make your face look pale like paper. If you like, you can do your hair and put on make-up to go along with whatever paper doll outfit you make.

Use the tape to attach a long piece of ribbon on the back of the paper doll outfit where your waist will be. To wear the costume, tie the ribbon around your waist. You can also use a belt.

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