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Bumblebee Transformer Costume

Picture of a Costume Made Out of Cardboard Boxes


Donna Years made this costume for her son and she figured out how to make it so it really transforms.
Bumblebee Transformer Costume

Bumblebee Transformer Costume

Submitted by Donna Years
From Donna, "The above is my sons transformer (bumblebee) costume from Halloween 2009. It really transforms!! The car was made out of cardboard boxes, paper plates, 2 small door hinges, silver tape, colored duct tape, 2 working headlights (push lights for closets @ 10.00 a pair) and lots of spray paint. after a few attempts we were happy with the outcome.

It stays on with the help of an old back pack that we glued to the roof of the car. This car was a huge hit with kids and adults. We are already planning this years costume and its only July !

My son was 6 y.o. and about 4 ft tall. the car was about 18 inches wide 12 inches high (add 4 inches to the roof height) and about 4 feet long. We played the transformer theme song for him to "transform" to. It was time consuming but the end result was well worth it. "

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