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Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Learn How to Make Crafts Using Toilet Paper and Paper Towel Rolls


Recycled Angel

Recycled Angel Craft
The body of this angel is made from a toilet paper roll and the wings are cut from a paper plate.

Tabletop May Pole

Tabletop May Pole Craft
May Day is celebrated on the first of May, and you can use this paper towel roll may pole to celebrate.

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers
Gather together several empty toilet paper rolls and follow these directions to make a bouquet of flowers.

Toilet Paper Roll Snowflake

Toilet Paper Roll Snowflake
A visitor named Tiffany explains how she made this snowflake out of thin rings she cut from toilet paper rolls.

TP Drum Ornament

TP Drum Ornament
You can make this cute little drum ornament from a piece cut from a toilet paper roll.

Turkey Napkin Holder

Turkey Napkin Holder Craft
Make several of these turkeys and use them to hold napkins at your next Thanksgiving dinner.
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