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How to Make a CD Panda Craft
How to Make a CD Panda Craft

How to Make a CD Panda Craft

I think pretty much everyone I know is enchanted by the sight of a panda so why not make your own?

Trace around the CD onto the white felt and cut out the circle. Glue the circle to the CD. But two black circles out of black felt to be the panda's eyes. Also cut out a large black circle for the mouth area and two smaller, black ovals for the eyes. Glue all of them in place. Cut 4 circles out of white felt. Glue two of these on top of the ears and the other two on top of the eyes. Make a nose using a white pom-pom. Finally, draw a mouth on your panda using red dimensional paint and also place small dots of black dimensional paint in the eyes. Your panda is now done!

Now, how about making a CD pig...

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