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CD Crafts

How to Make Crafts Using CDs


Let's craft with a Compact Disk... I have a drawer full of these, what would you make out of them? Your project can use one or more CDs. Your project should be original and creative. Browse through these projects and then submit your own.

3-D CD Sun Catcher

3-D CD Sun Catcher Craft
Learn how to use a half dozen CDs to create an amazing sun catcher. Make several to hang in your garden and they will help keep deer away.

CD Alien Spaceship

CD Alien Spaceship Craft
This cute alien will happily man the spaceship you create out of two CDs.

CD Bunny Craft

CD Bunny Craft
Follow these instructions and discover how easy it is to transform an unwanted CD into an adorable bunny craft.

CD Cardinal Craft

CD Cardinal Craft
Start out by crafting this cardinal out of a CD covered with red felt, and then try to make other birds using different colors of felt.

CD Daisy Puppet

CD Daisy Puppet
Use a CD as the center of this flower puppet. Glue the CD to a paper plate that is cut to look like petals, and then attach them both to an sock.

CD Dog Craft

CD Dog Craft
I hope this project sheet inspires you to craft a variety of cute canines.

CD Fish Craft

CD Fish Craft
This fish made out of a couple of CDs is one of the most popular crafts on this site. I hope you enjoy it too.

CD Flash Dancers

CD Flash Dancers Craft
A visitor named Roaney Giles shares these directions for making a fancy CD decoration.

CD Flower

CD Flower Craft
Grab a handful of CDs and learn how to make these fun flowers using these suggestions shared by Allie.

CD Frog Craft

CD Frog Craft
This cute CD frog will hop his way right into your heart once you bring him to life using these directions.

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