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Kim Grant made this Shrek costume for her 2-year-old son.
Shrek Costume

Shrek Costume

Submitted By Kim Grant
Kim says, "I made a helmet using two rectangular pieces of cloth and rounded off one corner on both placed together. I then sewed the two pieces together along the back and over rounded area. I hemmed the edges attached two small rectangular hemmed pieces to bottom of helmet where velcro can be attached. Same can be created using a hoodie.

I made ears buy cutting two semi-circles out of a margarine container lid and placing them on same material as helmet. I then cut around leaving a seam allowance. I cut four semi circles of material. Placed two together and sew together leaving flat end open. I then slid the semi circle of plastic in and sewed bottom up tucking material in as I went. I rolled the material covered semi circles into cones and sewed them point down to the top of helmet on each side of the seam.

I then made a shirt out of a light brown material and made a vest out of dark brown velvet material. Any dark brown material can be used. I made matching pants from the dark brown and a belt also from same material."

Kim's supply list:

  • Light green colored material (T-shirt material)
  • Light brown material
  • Dark brown material
  • Velcro
  • Margarine container lid

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