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Recycled Christmas Crafts for Kids

How to Make Christmas Crafts using Trash


Check out this long list of Christmas crafts that you can make by recycling items you might normally throw away. If you want even more Christmas crafts, sign up for my 12 Days of Christmas Crafts and Activities newsletter. You can also chat about Christmas crafts with others in the Family Crafts Forum.

Advent Collage

Advent Collage Recycled Christmas Craft
You can download my printable template and use catalogs and magazines to make personalized advent calendars for every family member.

Advent TP Christmas Tree

Advent TP Recycled Christmas Craft
Follow these instructions and learn how to make a tree shaped advent calendar using pieces cut from toilet paper rolls.

Bottle Snow Woman

Bottle and Sock Snow Woman Recycled Christmas Craft
A visitor named Anneliese made this cute snow gal out of an empty bottle and a sock.

Buttons the Snowman

Buttons the Snowman Craft
Check out this fun snowman a visitor named Carol made using several bowls and buttons.

Candy Christmas House

Candy Christmas House Craft
Check out this sweet house made and shared by Laurel. For the base of this candy house she used cocoa and cracker boxes.

CD Photo Ornament

CD Photo Ornament Recycled Christmas Craft
Learn how to combine a CD and a photo to make a personalized ornament.

Christmas Tree Light Reindeer

Christmas Tree Light Reindeer Ornament Recycled Christmas Craft
The About.com Guide to DIY Fashion shared these directions for making cute ornaments out of burnt out lights.

Crocheted Greeting Card Bowl

Crocheted Greeting Card Bowl
Use these directions shared by Edith to learn how to recycle Christmas cards into bowls.

Egg Carton Bell Craft

Egg Carton Bell Recycled Christmas Craft
You can craft a dozen silver bell ornaments using one egg carton.

Egg Carton Christmas Tree

Egg Carton Christmas Tree Craft
A visitor named Micheline shows us how to craft a Christmas tree you can hang on your wall.
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