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Plastic Baggie Wreath Craft

Transform a hanger and sandwich bags into a beautiful wreath.


Julia from MA shares directions for making a decorative wreath using a few boxes of plastic sandwich bags.

Materials Needed:

  • 3 Boxes of Regular, Plastic Sandwich Baggies
  • 1 Wire Hanger
  • Ribbons, Ornaments Etc. to Decorate (optional)


Use the cheapest plastic sandwich baggies you can find. The bags with the 'ziplock' top do not work. Also, a white wire hanger works best, but and wire hanger will do.

Start out by forming your wire hanger into the shape of a circle, leaving the hook on the top for hanging. One by one, take each baggie and tie it around the hanger in a normal knot. You do not need to make a double knot because one will work. Fill the hanger completely so the baggies are tied tightly together.

Once your wire hanger is completely filled with the plastic baggies, it should look like a snowy, white wreath. You can embellish the wreath using small ornaments, ribbons etc.

You can hang your beautiful wreath outside or inside. Not only will this wreath last for a long time, it will be waterproof!

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