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Red Hat Flower Party Favor Craft


How to Make a Red and Purple Potted Flower Craft
Red Hat Flower Party Favor Craft

Red Hat Flower Party Favor Craft

Submitted by Robin
Robin explains how she created this fun red and purple potted flower craft as party favors for a Red Hat Society event.

Materials Needed:

Paint the clay pot purple. Let it dry. Once dry, cut a piece of floral foam (use a butter knife!) to fit snugglie inside the pot. Decorate the outside of the pot with a red hat sticker.

Robin cut the flowers out of cardstock using her Cricut machine. She used the Pagoda Cricut cartridge and cut a 1 1/2-inch flower and the flower shadow. You can use any Cricut cartridge with a flower (compare prices).

To complete a flower, poke the brad through a set of flowers (the flower and the shadow). Wrap the wire on the end of a floral post around the back of a brad. Make two or three flowers this way.

Finally, poke the floral post into the floral foam in the pot to make your potted flowers!

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