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Flower Pot Crafts

How to Make Crafts Using Flower Pots


If you plant a garden, you probably have a collection of empty flower pots. Instead of letting them stack up in your garden shed, use the ideas here to turn them into useful crafts. If you don't have any flower pots, check with your friends or neighbors who like to plant or run to the store and grab a couple of clay pots. You can make something useful or something decorative. You can also submit your flower pot craft project to be included in this collection.

Bird Bath

Flower Pot Bird Bath Craft
Discover how easy it is to build a bird bath using a few clay flower pots and a saucer.

Christmas Bell

Christmas Bell
You can learn how a visitor named Eleanor made decorations for her Christmas tree out of flowers pots, a jingle bell, and some basic craft supplies.

Party Place Card Holder

Clay Flower Pot Craft
A visitor named Corrina explains how she made these unique place holders for a special gathering she was hosting.

Plant Stand

Flower Pot Crafts
If you are looking for a fun and unique stand to hold a plant, follow the directions here and make your own out of clay flower pots.

Clay Pot Toothbrush and Soap Holders

Clay Flower Pot Crafts
This tutorial teaches you how to make a toothbrush holder and a soap dish that matches your bathroom decor.

Decoupage Candy Wrapper Pot

Decoupage Candy Wrapper Pot
A visitor named Erica explains how she decorated a clay pot using old candy wrappers and decoupage techniques.

Decoupage Comics Pot

Decoupage Comics Pot
If you have a favorite comic strip, consider making one of these pots using it. Then you can keep it near you and read it whenever you need to smile.

Apple Craft

Flower Pot Apple Craft
Learn how easy it is to craft this adorable apple out of a clay pot and saucer. This would make a fun gift for a teacher, especially if you fill it with sweet treats.

Baby Craft

Flower Pot Baby Craft
You can make one or more of these babies and use them as decorations for a baby shower or in a nursery.

Bumble Bee Craft

Flower Pot Bumble Bee Craft
This cute bee will be happy to sit on a shelf in your house and not bug anyone.
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