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How to Make Crafts Using Coffee Filters


What would you make with a coffee filter? Explore the crafts here and you can learn how to make an angel, a butterfly, some flowers, and much more. Work on making one or more of these coffee filter crafts and then submit your own. If you make any of these projects, please take a moment to snap a photo and submit it.

Coffee Filter Angel

Coffee Filter Angel Craft
A visitor named Bonnie shares the directions for making an adorable angel out of a coffee filter, a tongue depressor, and a few other supplies.

Coffee Filter Butterflies

Coffee Filter Butterflies
Learn how to use watercolors or food coloring to make colorful butterfly wings out of a coffee filter.

Coffee Filter Covered Crafts

Coffee Filter Covered Crafts
Follow these directions, shared by Silvia, and learn how you can give old boxes and jars amazing finishes using coffee filters and decoupage.

Coffee Filter Shamrock

This tutorial teaches you how to use green paint and a coffee filter to make a fun shamrock picture.

Dancing Ghosts

Dancing Ghosts
You can use several coffee filters to make little ghosts you can hang in a window or from a tree.

Earth Craft

Coffee Filter Earth Craft
Experiment with using blue and green food coloring drops on a coffee filter to create a likeness of the planet Earth.

Easter Egg Craft

Coffee Filter Easter Egg
This egg picture is made by cutting a coffee filter into an oval and coloring it using food coloring.

Flower Craft

Coffee Filter Flowers
These flowers are easier to make than tissue paper flowers simply because the coffee filters are not as flimsy.

Saint Patrick's Day Flowers

Saint Patrick's Day Flower Craft
This project sheet explains how you can turn plain coffee filters into a fun St. Patrick's Day decoration.

Tie Dyed Luminaries

Halloween Tie Dyed Luminaries
Learn how to give coffee filters a tie-dye look using markers and some water.
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