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Fun Christmas Crafts to Make and Bake

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Fun Christmas Crafts to Make and Bake

Fun Christmas Crafts to Make and Bake

I believe every crafting bookshelf should house at least one Christmas craft book. If you do not have one yet, this book is just what you need. Broken down into two sections - Fun to Make and Fun to Bake - this book is packed full of more than 60 projects and recipes, all of them created to be done with kids and other family members.

Along with the over 60 projects, you will find page after page of fantastic color photos to go along with every project and recipe. In the crafting sections of this book, not only will you find pictures of the finished crafts, there are also step-by-step photos to go along with the detailed instructions. The photos that go along with all of the recipes in this book will have your mouth watering and your stomach growling!

The Fun to Make section of this book is broken down into two categories: Decorations and Cards and Wrapping. You can make a variety of decorations to deck your halls including pom-pom tree decorations, dried orange slice ornaments, a wreath made of twigs, paper lanterns, snow globes, and many more. To go along with your home made gifts, or even store bought gifts, you can make a variety of fancy Christmas cards and learn how to make and personalize wrapping paper and boxes.

The Fun to Bake section of this book is broken down into four tasty categories: Little Treats and Gifts, Edible Decorations, Christmas Baking, and Party food. Each of these categories are full of amazing recipes that everyone will enjoy helping with. The only problem might be trying to decide what to make first. My favorite recipe section has got to be the first section which is packed full of Little Treats and Gifts. There are 17 different recipes for mainly sweet little treats. You can learn how to make everything from simple marshmallow snowmen to cranberry and pear relish. You can make up a variety of these recipes and give some as gifts and sample the rest with your family.

I also liked that many of the recipes shared throughout the recipe sections are traditional foods from other countries. For example one of the little treats shared are Swedish saffron buns. As stated on the recipe page, these buns (called 'lussekatt') are traditionally served on St. Lucy's Day in Sweden on the 13th of December. You can also learn how to make Lubkuchen (a traditional German Christmas cookie), Ricciarelli (sweet italian biscuits), Buche De Noel (a cake made to look like a log that French people eat for dessert on Christmas eve), and others. A great way to make holiday baking educational.

I love this Christmas book. There are such a large variety of projects and recipes shared, there will certainly be several that will quickly become you family's favorites. While all of the crafts and recipes are wonderful, I think the best part of this book is that not only will you create many Christmas crafts and gifts, but you will also be making memories that will last a lifetime.

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