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Besides being packed full of fun family crafts and activities, this book helps moms embrace their geekiness. If you ever thought being a geek could be a negative thing, think again! Explained perfectly by Kari Byron (host of Mythbusters) in the foreword, "Being a geek is being passionate about a subject". This book is a collaborative effort of four moms: Natania Barron, Kathy Ceceri, Corrina Lawson, and Jenny Williams. These ladies are the co-founders and senior editors of the Geek Mom Blog found on Wired.com along with them each having their own sites. (You can explore each one by clicking in their names.)

I love that this book "explores the many fun and interesting ways that moms and kids can get their geek on." There are 6 chapters, more than 200 pages, that cover everything from cooking and crafts to science and superheroes. You will not only find a large variety of activities and crafts that families can do together, there are even a few that a mom can do when she gets a few moments by herself.

One helpful feature you will find in every chapter of this book is a grouping of four icons that appear prominently at the beginning of each project. Each icon will tell you at a glance the estimated cost of completing it, the time it will take, the ages it is most appropriate for, and the difficulty rating (rated easy, easy with supervision, intermediate, and advanced). Most of the projects and activities in this book are rated easy.

As you may have guessed, this is not a typical craft and activity book. Like many of the books i usually review, it is not just packed full of project after project... It is interesting reading. For example, chapter 5 is titled "Food Wizardry: The Geeky Family About the Kitchen". While your first thought might be that this chapter will be full of great recipes, you will find so much more here. You can just flip to the pages that feature the recipes, but I would encourage you to read through the other sections of this chapter. The first one gives you several tips and tricks to help you get your kids to make you supper! You can also learn how to throw a Hobbit party, what to make when you don't feel like cooking, and also learn about different seasonings. Of course, you will also find some interesting recipes. You can learn how to make apple pizza, dueling bread sticks, chest and Cephalopod cupcakes, and other tempting treats.

Of course, being a crafting geek, I am all about the craft projects and this book has a chapter dedicated to experimenting with and modernizing some traditional crafts. Learn a little about the history of handiwork and then try your hand at it. You can sew your own felt monster, try your hand at amigurumi, learn how to tie-dye using natural dyes, and even experiment with painting with polarized lights. You will also find plenty of other crafty projects sprinkled throughout the other chapters of this book (learn how to make a superhero costume, a map, and crystals amongst others).

This book states that being crafty is all about exploring the world with endless curiosity. I couldn't agree more and I couldn't be prouder to be a geek. This book will definitely help you and your family "Get Your Geek On"!

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