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Sewing In A Straight Line Book Review

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Sewing In A Straight Line Book Review

Sewing In A Straight Line Book Review

Would you believe me if I told you that you can sew some amazing items by simply stitching in a straight line? If you don't, you definitely need to check out this book. The author, Brett Bara, teaches you how you can make home decor, toys, and even fancy clothes by sewing in a simple, straight line.
Make sure you start off by reading the first section of this book, which shares some sewing basics. In this section, the author does a great job is explaining different tools and the illustrations helps you even more to understand what she is explaining. This section demonstrates how to sew a simple, straight line using a needle and thread or a sewing machine. It also shares some basic information about fabric such as what is the grain of fabric and why you should know what it is; and other techniques you will need to know like making a French seam, how to stitch in the ditch, and how to finish a quilt.

The sewing basics section in this book only takes up 25 of the 160 pages. The rest of it is packed full of fun and easy sewing projects. The projects are broke down into 3 sections: Straight-Up Chic Fashion, Cozy Crafty Home, and Quick Cute Gifts.

There are so many wonderful projects to work on, your biggest problem might be trying to decide what to sew first? You can create an entire outfit, starting with a dress and cardigan and topping it off with a tote bag and a belt. Then, dress up your home by making some throw pillows, curtains, and even a simple quilt. Finally, you can make gifts for everyone on your list. Design some fabric bowls, construct a sewing kit, whip up a jewelry keeper, and stuff an animal toy or two. even the most inexperienced sewer is sure to find success with these projects!

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