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Nesquik Container Crafts

How to Make Crafts Using Chocolate Milk Containers


Take some time and browse through this collection of Nesquik container crafts. What would you make using an empty chocolate milk container? One visitor made night vision goggles, another made an adorable bunny. You could also use these containers to make several of these coffee can crafts. Check out all of these craft projects and then take some time to create your own. If you do create your own Nestle chocolate milk container craft, make sure you take a moment to submit it to be published here.

Pretend Night Vision Goggles

Pretend Night Vision Goggles
A visitor named Mitchael Penwell explains how he transformed an empty choclate milk container into a pair of pretend night vision goggles.

Piggy Bank Craft

Piggy Bank Craft
The piggy bank in this picture was made with an oatmeal container, but a chocolate milk container would work just as well.

Recycled Bunny Craft

Recycled Bunny Craft
This bunny craft calls for a container with a lid, so one of these chocolate milk containers would work perfectly

Monkey Bank Craft

Monkey Bank Craft
Check out this adorable monkey bank craft the folks over at Ziggity-Zoom made using an empty container with a lid.

Matchbox Car Garage

A visitor named Robin explains how you can turn an empty chocolate milk container into a fun garage for toy cars.

Homemade First Aid Kit

Follow this link and learn how to make a first aid kit using a Nestle chocolate milk container.

Nesquik Container Bird House

This projects sheet teaches you how to craft a bird house out of a chocolate milk container.

Nesquik Windsock Craft

Follow these directions, straight from the Nesquik web site, and learn how you can make an adorable windsock using an empty container.

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