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Selling and Donating Your Crafts

Advice to Help You Sell and Donate Crafts You Make


Selling and Donating Your Crafts

Selling and Donating Your Crafts

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When it comes to selling craft projects made by you and your child, I would think twice about it. Sitting down and doing crafts with your children should be an enjoyable and creative experience. If you are sitting down together trying to mass produce crafts for the purpose of selling, you loose both the creativity involved and the enjoyment of doing something together. However, there are a couple exceptions to this.

Doing crafts for fundraising purposes is one of those exceptions. Raising money for a cause or non-profit organization can teach children great lessons. It is easier to get more people involved with making these crafts, which helps take away some of the monotony and stress of trying to do it all. It is also easier to sell crafts made to benefit a certain cause or non-profit organization because people are more likely to spend their money if they know it is going to a good cause.

I remember when my kids were little, they made simple beaded jewelry with their friends and then set up a card table and sold them like you would lemonade. We made it known that all the money would be donated to our local food shelf and they sold out their inventory every day. You may have also more opportunities to sell your product if the proceeds are all being donated. Besides renting a booth at craft shows, you can investigate the possibilities of setting up a booth at church bazaars, school events, and even local stores.

The other exception is if you and your child have a craft you love to do together, over and over and over again. Then you could consider trying to sell them. of course, there is no guarantee that they will be well received by the buying public, but trying to sell something you love to make is better that trying to make something that may sell better. If you enjoy making the product, selling it, or rather it not selling, will not be a big issue.

Here are a few things to keep in mind or try:

  1. First of all, would you buy it if someone else made it?

  2. Is it seasonal? Christmas ornaments and decorations would sell great in November or December, not in April or May. Try to make your product fit the season.

  3. Is it useful? There have been many times I have seen crafts at bazaars or craft shows and, while I love the way they looked, I would never buy them because there was no real purpose for them.

  4. Can they be personalized? Sometimes items that can be personalized with a name or date, such as hand-painted ornaments, are good sellers.

  5. Can you sell them for a low price? Anyone would be more willing to spend $3.00 on an item that they might never use than $25.00.

  6. Are they a popular item at the moment? Trends change, and what might sell well on year may not sell at all the next. Page through craft magazines and visit other craft shows to see what sells well and then try to put your own unique spin on it.

  7. Check out this collection of easy and popular fundraiser and bazaar crafts.

Another option, rather than selling your completed craft projects, is to donate them. There are a larger variety of organizations that accept donations of everything from homemade hats and scarves to teddy bears and blankets. Making a project for one or more of these organizations should be a meaningful experience for the entire family.

When my children were young and I ran my own daycare business out of my home, we would make seasonal items to donate locally. These items ranged from everything from Christmas tree ornaments for local hospitals to Valentine’s Day cards for residents of a nursing home. Not only did the kids get the joy of making the crafts, but they also get the joy of hand delivering them to grateful recipients.

Most important is to have fun. Don't force yourself or your child to sit down and make crafts. You want it to always be an enjoyable experience. If it gets to the point where trying to make crafts to sell, donate, or for whatever reason is not enjoyable for you and your family, why do it?

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