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How to Display Kids Artwork

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How to Display Kids Artwork

How to Display Kids Artwork

Megan Cooley
As a parent, one of the biggest crafting dilemmas you may face is what to do with all the wonderful masterpieces your child creates. How do you display each piece so it gets the attention it deserves?

I think the most common way to display a child's work, at least in our home, is to stick it on the refrigerator; while this may be the best way to display two dimensional art pieces, it may not always be the best way to display completed craft projects. Why not use a little creativity while displaying these projects? I am sure if you put your mind to it you could think of different, creative ways to display your child's projects. Here are some ideas to help jump start your brain.

  • You can display flat pieces in old picture frames or take pictures of dimensional projects and frame the photo. We have one entire hallway that we use only to hang the kids' stuff in, and the walls are covered almost from top to bottom. We call it "The Wall of Fame" and everyone loves it!

  • I recently saw a demonstration by a gal who used an old window as a means to display a child's artwork. What a fun idea! All you need to do is attach the artwork to the window pain using clear tape and hang. Next time you see a garage sale, thrift store, or flea market, stop and see if they have any old windows.

  • String a clothesline around the room and use decorated clothespins to hang up the projects.

  • Cover an entire wall with cork board either in the child's room or in a common room, and let the child hang their arts and crafts projects using colorful push pins.

  • Use artwork to cover boxes, books, or other items you can leave out for display. Depending on the medium used to create the project, you can use decoupage techniques or attach the artwork using clear packing tape.

  • Hang art and dimensional craft projects in the window so they can be seen and enjoyed inside and out.

  • Laminate flat artwork or cover them with clear Con-Tact paper and use them as place mats, coasters, or table runner. You can glue a few matching pieces together on a coordinating piece of paper to make larger pieces.

  • Make a personalized calendar which features an appropriate piece of art each month. This can be as simple as gluing your child's artwork over the art of an existing calendar or as fancy as taking photos of the projects and having a calendar custom made. Alternatively, you can scan your child's artwork and create your own calendar pages using a desktop publishing or graphics program.

  • Use similar techniques as those I suggested for making a calendar, why not use scanned images or photos of your child's arts and crafts to create personalized note cards.

  • You can use your computer to turn your child's masterpieces into wearable art. Simply scan or take a digital photo and print the image out on iron-on transfer paper. You can not only decorate clothing, but also pillow cases, sheets, wall hangings, table clothes, and several other household items.

  • Speaking of wearable art, use smaller printouts to create pins you can wear. You do not have to have an expensive button maker, you can use clip-together buttons found at any craft store.

  • You can also print out these pictures onto shrink plastic, trim, and bake. You can then use them to make a unique a magnet, ornament, or piece of jewelry. Find complete directions in this tutorial.

  • Again, scan or take a digital photo of a completed project and print it out so it is about 2" x 3". Cut it out and laminate it and use it as a bookmark. If you want a long bookmark, mount the picture on the a piece of card stock and then laminate it.

  • Why not use images of your child's artwork as your desktop wallpaper and even a screen saver on your computer.
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