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How to Find Craft Deals Online

How to Save Money on Your Crafting


While you can find good deals online sometimes, buying craft supplies online might not always be your best bet because of the cost of shipping. There are a few places you can look for deals.


While many Ebay listing these days are from ‘stores’, you can still find individuals selling things at very reasonable prices. I especially like to look for items listed as “Lots” or “Wholesale Lots”. These are usually collections of related products or even several of the same item. They are nice for building your stash or planning a craft project for a group. You can find lots for sale in almost every section.


This site, Etsy.com, is “an online marketplace for buying and selling all things homemade”. While I enjoy browsing through all of the completed art and craft items, you can also find a wealth of supplies for sale. Simply type the word “DESTASH” in a search box on the Etsy site and click search. You should also choose the ALL option in the drop down box next to the search box. When crafters collect supplies, it is called building their stash; when they want to get rid of their extra supplies, it is referred to as destashing.


This is one of the most popular classified ad style sites on the Web. You can click down to an area near where you live, hopefully, and see what people are selling. There is even an arts and crafts category.


I belong to several local crafting groups on Facebook. See if you can find some in your area. These are great for sharing craft ideas and also finding craft supplies. Sometimes you can simply swap items, or you can find people who are selling their supplies.

Even More Online Deals

Another thing you can look for online is free craft supplies; again, this is not always an easy feat! Explore the free craft supplies I have found, About.com’s Freebie site, and also the About.com Coupons and Rebates site.

If you know of a site that should be included in this collection please take a moment to submit it using this simple form.


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