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How to Make Craft Supplies

Save Money By Making Your Own Craft Supplies


Not only will making your own craft supplies save you some money, it will give you more time to spend together as a family being creative rather than shopping. Put on an apron or smock, cover your work surface with an old tablecloth or newspaper, and mix up a batch of paint, glue, clay, and more. Children should always have adult supervision and assistant when making these craft supplies, especially those that involve cooking.

How to Make Clay and Play Dough

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Whether you want clay to play with or to use for a specific project, one of these recipes should suit your needs. You might be surprised by what you can actually make clay out of. You can mix up clay using bread, sawdust, applesauce, dryer lint and many other household supplies. When it comes to adding color to your clay, you can use food coloring, powdered tempera paint, or even unsweetened powdered drink mix. You can also try adding glitter and experiment with what you have on hand to see what amusing concoctions you can produce.

How to Make Glue and Paste

Make Paper Mache Paste
Use these directions to make a variety of glues and pastes using different ingredients. The kind of glue you want will depend on what kind of project you are doing so read through them all and choose the one that suits what you plan to do. Store all glues and pastes in air tight containers, and put them in the refrigerator if they contain perishable ingredients.

How to Make Paint

How to Make Your Own Paint
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You can make your next painting project extra special by mixing up your own paint. You can easily make a variety of paint to use in different projects using ingredients you probably have laying around your house. You should make sure you save jars, empty film containers, or pill bottles to store your paint. Try mixing up a batch of finger paint, dimensional paint, or even window paint. You can even make your own face paint!

How to Make a Coloring Book

Not only will you find hundreds of coloring pages that you can print out, you will find advice for printing them out successfully and also tips for constructing your own coloring book.

More Homemade Craft Supplies

Homemade Paper
There are plenty of other craft supplies you can try making. Take some time and make your own sidewalk chalk or bubbles and go outside and have some fun. For some indoor amusement, you can make your own crayons, stamps, and paper; or, how about making some beads using clay, noodles, or even junk mail. I am sure you will be pleased by whatever you decide to make.  

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