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Whether you are looking for a special craft project for a birthday party, lesson plan, using a specific craft supply, or for a certain age group you can find all that and much more right here. You can explore craft project offerings by material used, age, gender, topic, technique, and much more. Best of all, these craft project directions are all free!
  1. Find Crafts by Age
  2. Find Crafts by Gender
  3. Find Crafts by Product Used
  4. Find Crafts Made With Household Items
  5. Find Crafts Made With Recyclables
  6. Find Crafts Made With Items From Nature
  7. Find Crafts by Theme
  1. Find Crafts by Type
  2. Find Crafts by Holiday or Event
  3. Find Crafts by Season
  4. Find Crafts by Month
  5. Find Crafts by Technique
  6. Find Gifts to Make
  7. Find Educational Crafts

Find Crafts by Age

Find a selection of free craft projects sorted by age. These age suggestions are merely guidelines, the best judge as to whether your child can handle these crafts or not is you. Your goal is to have them enjoy themselves without getting frustrated.

Find Crafts by Gender

While you might be better off providing children with a variety of crafting options, if you want some that are aimed more at one gender or another, try some of these projects.

Find Crafts by Product Used

If you have a handful of craft sticks, a bag of pom-poms, a stack of craft foam, a collection of felt scraps, or other craft supplies and you aren't quite sure what to make out of them, try some of these ideas.

Find Crafts Made With Household Items

You will be surprised at how much you can create by using items you probably have sitting in your cupboards and drawers right now.

Find Crafts Made With Recyclables

What better way to recycle than to make unique crafts using objects you might normally throw away. Using the ideas presented here, you can transform baby food jars, paper bags, orphaned socks, and several other items into crafty masterpieces.

Find Crafts Made With Items From Nature

Browse through free craft projects and find out how to can use many creative techniques to make a variety of crafts using items from nature such as leaves, sticks, rocks, shells, and more.

Find Crafts by Theme

Here, you will find a large selection of free projects sorted by theme. You can make crafts and try activities related to everything from animals to vacations. These recourses are perfect to help you plan a special birthday party or add a creative touch to your lesson plans.

Find Crafts by Type

Explore these resources to find crafts made using a specific technique. Just one more way you can find what you want!

Find Crafts by Holiday or Event

Here are resources to help you explore the more popular holidays here at Family Crafts. Of course, these are only a few of hundreds of special days you can celebrate. If you want more holiday fun, browse through the crafts by month listing.

Find Crafts by Season

I love the change of seasons and what a better time to craft!? No matter what season it is, there are plenty of creative projects to try.

Find Crafts by Month

Looking for a reason to celebrate? These pages contain ideas to help you celebrate special and sometimes unusal days. By clicking on the names of the months, you will find ideas for crafts, games, and more. You will be surprised at all the special days you can celebrate.

Find Crafts by Technique

You have come to the right place if you are interested in learning a new crafts technique or discovering more about a technique you already know. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned crafter, you are sure to find something helpful here.

Find Gifts to Make

Nothing says I love you quite like a home made gift. With the resources I share here, you are sure to find something for everyone.

Find Educational Crafts

What better way to teach kids than by letting them have fun while they learn. Here are some fun craft projects that are also educational.

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