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Craft Recipes for Kids

Use these Craft Recipes to Have Fun in the Kitchen With Kids


Craft Recipes for Kids

Craft Recipes for Kids

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For some reason, kids and kitchens go together so why not use these craft recipes to let them craft in the kitchen? Ask almost any kid if they want to help make dinner or help with any other meal and most will holler out a loud "YEAH"!

You and your kids can use the craft recipes I provide to whip up some homemade clay, colorful paint, bath and beauty products, and even creative snacks. What is your favorite craft recipe?

  • Creative Snack Recipes
    I suppose the number one thing kids will want to make if they are in the kitchen is snacks. You will find plenty of creative recipes here they can try.

  • Paint Recipes
    Don't worry about buying expensive paint for your next project. Find recipes here to make dimensional paint, chalkboard paint, finger paint, and much more.

  • Bath and Beauty Supplies
    Check out all of these recipes to make a variety of personal goods such as bath salts, body glitter, and much more.

  • Clay Recipes
    Next time you want to play with clay, whip up a batch or two from this collection. You will learn how to make clay using flour, bread, and even applesauce or dryer lint.

  • Glue and Paste Recipes
    Check out all of these recipes to make a variety of glues and pastes. Learn how to make colored glue, paper mache paste, sticker glue, and many others.

Once you browse through the craft recipes above and have some crafting fun in the kitchen with your family, take a moment to share your favorite craft and creative snack recipes.

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