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Free Patterns and Instructions for Making Bat Crafts


Check out all of these fun bat crafts that are perfect for Halloween or any time of the year. Discover how you can use a variety of craft supplies and techniques to create an entire colony of bats!

Soda Pop Can Bat

Soda Pop Can Bat Craft
This handsome looking bat is made from a crushed soda pop can. All you need to do is step on the can, paint it black, and add the details using basic craft supplies.

Bat Felt Trick-Or-Treat Bag

Bat Felt Trick-Or-Treat Bag
You can sew up this tote bag and use it for Halloween or for any occasion.

Bat Finger Puppet

Bat Finger Puppet
Rachel Bruner
Kids of all ages will have fun making and playing with this bat puppet that was posted by Latter-day Saints Guide Rachel Bruner.

Spooky Bat Earrings

Spooky Bat Earrings
Tammy Powley
Tammy Powley, the About.com Jewelry Making Guide, teaches us how to make adorable earrings out of lampwork bat beads.

Bat Cross Stitch

Bat Cross Stitch
Connie Barwick
You can choose between two versions of this bat pattern, either cross stitch or back stitch, and have fun stitching up a bat or two.

Craft Foam Bat Stamp

Craft Foam Bat Stamp
Kate Pullen
Find out how to create a bt stamp you can use in all of your Halloween paper crafts.

Miniature Bats

Miniature Bats
Lesley Shepherd
Follow these directions from Lesley and learn how you can make tiny flying bats that are perfect for your dollhouse or Halloween scenes.

Bat Beaded Pattern

Bat Beaded Safety Pin Design
Download this pattern chart and use the directions to make a brooch using safety pins and seed beads.

Bat Treat Cup

Bat Treat Cup Craft
Use these directions and you can recycle a tin can into a cute bat who will happily hold your treats.

Noodle Bat Necklace

Noodle Bat Necklace Craft
Discover how easy it is to make a tiny bat you can wear around your neck. All you need is a few noodles, some paint, and a few other basic supplies.
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