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Egg Carton Sea Creature Crafts

Fun Ocean and Beach Crafts for Kids


Find out how you can create your own under sea adventure using egg carton cups and a few common craft supplies. You can make these before a trip to the beach or after, or you can make them anytime you are in the mood to go to the beach but can't.

Egg Carton Crab

Egg Carton Crab Craft
No grumps allowed! This adorable, little crab will surely make everyone smile and it is easy to make with an egg carton cup, chenille stems, and a few other supplies.

Egg Carton Fish

Egg Carton Fish
Learn how you can make a school of colorful fish to decorate every room in your house, your classroom, or any where else.

Egg Carton Jellyfish

Egg Carton Jellyfish
There is nothing sticky about these cute ocean dwellers when they are made using egg carton cups, and with the variety of fancy yarns available, you can make some unique jellyfish.

Egg Carton Octopus

Egg Carton Octopus
With these directions, you can create a unique octopus or two that will not scare a soul. Grab an egg carton cup, felt, and some beads and start crafting.

Egg Carton Oyster

Egg Carton Oyster
Why not go on a hunt for hidden pearls? Egg carton cups can be transformed into a bed of treasure hiding oysters.

Egg Carton Star Fish

Egg Carton Star Fish
Who would have thought that one, simple egg carton cup can be transformed into this fun star fish?!
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