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Free Dr. Seuss Bingo Game Cards to Print
Printable Seuss Bingo Game Cards

Printable Seuss Bingo Game

Sherri Osborn
Use these free templates to print out and create Dr. Seuss bingo game cards. Print it out and use it during your next birthday party, group gathering, or to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday.

For each player, print out one bingo game card and page of pictures. You can save either the JPG version or PDF version to your computer.

The player should choose 25 of the pictures and then cut them out. Glue the 25 pictures, in any order they like, onto the 25 squares on the game card. If desired, you can make the center square on the bingo game card a free space. Have everyone leave it blank or write FREE on it and everyone gets to cover it right away.

You should print out one extra page of pictures to be the call sheet. Cut them out and place them in a bucket. Also cut out several small pieces of paper the players can use to cover their pictures as they are called.

To start the game, the caller pulls one picture at a time out of the bucket and explains it and shows it to everyone. Any players who have that picture on their card should cover it with a scrap of paper, bean, or other small item.

The caller should continue pulling pictures out of the bucket and showing them to everyone until someone gets BINGO (5 in a row).

I hope you enjoy playing Dr. Seuss bingo. If you are looking for more fun games, check out my other Printable Games. You can also check out all of my other printable bingo games.

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