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Dr. Seuss Book Activities

Activities Featuring Doctor Seuss Book Characters


Take some time to make one or more of these Dr. Seuss book crafts and enjoy related activities. You can create fun crafts related to all of your favorite Seuss stories and then you can submit your own Dr. Seuss crafts to be published here. You might also want to check out my list of free, printable Seuss worksheets and coloring pages.

Cat-In-The-Hat Ears Headband Craft

Cat Ears Headband Craft
You can dress up like the Cat-In-The-Hat by making these easy cat ears to wear. Of course, you will want to make them black, like the Cat's.

Cat-In-The-Hat Cookies

Cat-in-the-Hat Dr. Seuss Book Cookies
Follow this recipe and learn how to make a tasty treat that looks like the Cat-In-The-Hat's hat.

Cat-In-The-Hat Pumpkin

Cat-in-the-Hat Pumpkin
A visitor named Brenda shared this Cat-In-The-Hat her and her daughter made from an actual pumpkin, a crook-necked pumpkin.

Cat-In-The-Hat Story Sack

Cat-in-the-Hat Story Sack
Learn how to create a story sack that contains crafts and activities you can do that are related to this popular Dr. Seuss book.

Cat-In-The-Hat Corsage

Cat-In-The-Hat Corsage
These instructions will show you how to make a fun corsage to wear at a Dr. Seuss themed party.

Cat-in-The-Hat Hat

Cat-in-The-Hat Hat Craft
This tutorial shows you how you can make a paper hat that looks like the one the cat wore.

Dr. Seuss Bingo Game Cards

Printable Seuss Bingo
Sherri Osborn
You can play a game or two of bingo when you print and make your own colorful game cards.

Dr. Seuss Diaper Cake

Diaper Cake
I constructed this diaper cake to use as a decoration and a party game for my daughter's baby shower.

Dr. Seuss Fabric Wall Hanging Pattern

Fabric Wall Hanging Pattern
Learn how you can make an adorable group of Dr. Seuss wall hangings using fabric.

Dr. Seuss Fish Bowl Party Favor

Dr Seuss Fish Bowl Party Favor
These tiny fish bowls are easy to make and great to use as table decorations and party favors.

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