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Homemade Gift Ideas for Men

Make Gifts For All the Guys You Know


Why not make a special, homemade gift for a special guy. These gifts are perfect for Christmas, birthdays, Father's Day, or any other occasion. Make sure you wrap your homemade gift using these creative gift wrapping ideas.

Alligator Clip

Homemade Gifts for Dad
This fun clip is great to use to hold papers or other desktop items.

Basketball Pin or Magnet

Gift Crafts for Father's Day
If you know a guy who is a huge basketball fan, use these directions to make them a magnet or pin.

CD Photo Craft

Home-Made Gifts for Father's Day
Instead of framing a picture to put on a desk, why not make one of these that can be hung up anywhere.

Craft Foam Mousepad

Gifts to Make
Use this tutorial to make a personalized mousepad for a special guy or anyone else you know.

Crayon Rock Paperweight

Crayon Rock Paperweight
A visitor named Kathy explains how to make a colorful paperweight out of a rock and some old crayons.

Decoupage Paperweight

Father's Day Gifts
Your dad or any other guy would be happy to display this homemade paperweight on his desk at work. You can customize it by using your guy's favorite colors and then write a special message.

Dresser Box

You can construct this handy box that can used on a dresser to hold change, cuff links, and other treasures. It can also be used on a desk.

Duct Tape Wallet

Duct Tape Wallet Craft
This project sheet will teach you how to make a wallet out of little more than duct tape. You can make a fancy wallet for your favorite guys, and make sure you include a picture of yourself in the wallet.

Fisherman's Survival Kit

Fisherman's Survival Kit
If you know a guy who enjoys fishing, check out this funny gag gift you can make for them.

Flaming Puck Pin or Magnet

Father's Day Gifts
This fun hockey puck would be proudly worn or hung up by a hockey fan or even a hockey player or coach.
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