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Start the Felting Process
Start the Felting Process

Start the Felting Process

Get your washing machine filling with hot water and add a few drops of detergent and even baking soda if you like (explained in step 5). Add the item you want to felt, either as it is or in a pillow case or mesh bag. Some claim that putting a pair of jeans in the wash helps the item felt faster because it provides more agitation. I left my bag alone in the wash, but you could start out with your item alone but them add a pair of jeans if the process is going too slow. Whatever you do, do not add a towel into the wash with your item that is being felted. You could end up with a mess of lint and pills on your project.

Set your washing machine to agitate for 10 minutes, then check it to see it's progress. It you want it to felt more, place it back in the hot water and reset the wash cycle so it continues to agitate - you do not want it to drain yet. Continue to check it about every 5 - 10 minutes until it is the desired size. It could take several checks before your item is done.

Once you determine it is done, simply let the washing machine finish running it through the rinse and spin cycles. Some sources suggest you should not let your project run through the spin cycle as it might get damaged, but I did without any problems. If you prefer, you can remove your piece and hand rinse it in cold water and gently ring it out and pat it with a towel.

Now you can dry your felting project...

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