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Pill Bottle and Film Container Crafts

How to Make Crafts Using Film Containers and Pill Bottles


Try your hand at making film container crafts or pill bottle crafts. Make a craft or two using one of these small containers, snap a picture, and submit it to be included here.

Duck Finger Puppet

Duck Finger Puppet
Discover how easy it is to craft a cute duck that you can use to put on puppet shows.

Film Canister Constellations

This project sheet explains how you can use a small container to watch the stars.

Finger Puppet People

Finger Puppet People Craft
Follow these directions and you can create an entire family worth of finger puppets using pill bottles or film containers.

First Aid Kit Necklace

First Aid Necklace Craft
Discover some great suggestions you can use to make a small first aid kit you can carry everywhere.

Grinch in Chimney

Grinch in Chimney Craft
All you need to make this silly ornament is a pill bottle or film container, some pom-poms, a chenille stem, and some paint.

Growing Magnet Craft

Growing Magnet Pill Bottle Craft
This tutorial will teach you how to create a unique magnet that will really grow.

Money Holder Craft

Money Holder Craft
Follow these instructions and learn how you can craft a personalized money holder using a film container or pill bottle.

Pill Bottle Necklace

Pill Bottle Necklace Craft
Can you believe this fun and unique necklace pendant is made out of scrap fabric, some leftover trim, and a pill bottle?

Pill Bottle Party Favor

Pill Bottle Party Favor Crafts
Follow these instructions, shared by Sharon de Gois, and find out how she made fun party favors using pill bottles.

Simple Glitter Shaker

Film Container Craft Glitter Shaker
Learn how you can make holes in one of these small containers and use it to apply glitter to other projects.

Tooth Saver

Tooth Saver Film Container Craft
This is a fun craft that young kids will have fun making. They can use these containers to hold a lost tooth while they are waiting for the tooth fairy to come.
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