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Build a tiny toad village in your garden and, if you are lucky, the toads will move in and keep your garden free of unwanted bugs and slugs. You can attract toads to your garden, create a wonderful garden decoration, and have some creative family fun all at the same time. Get creative and make toad houses, pools, fences, and more.

Check out the photographs I took of my toad village and also browse through photos of toad houses and villages others have made and submitted. If you make your own toad town, using my directions or your own ideas, make sure you take a photo and submit it to be featured here.

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Linda's Toadville PicturesLinda's Funky Toad VillageThe Uyechi's Toad VillageThe Uyechi's Toad VillageSea Shell Toad HouseSea Shell Toad HouseJuanita's Frog ResortJuanita's Frog Resort
Heather's Toad VillageHeather's Toad VillageJodi Cole's Toad VillageJodi Cole's Toad VillageSherri's Toad VillageSherri's Toad VillageNoreen's Toad Village Spa HousesNoreen's Toad Houses
Noreen's Toad Spa PoolNoreen's Toad Spa PoolJacqueline's Toad HouseJacqueline's Toad HouseDeborah's Toad VillageDeborah's Toad VillageCharlene's Toad House and PoolCharlene's Toad House and Pool
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