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Helena's Toad Village

Photo of a Home-Made Toad Village


Drew and his 4-year-old daughter Helena made this village for a toad that was living on their front stoop.
Helena's Toad Village

Helena's Toad Village

Submitted by Drew Savage
"Last year we had a toad that lived on our front stoop for most of the summer behind a ceramic turtle. My daughter enjoyed seeing him each day and has been waiting anxiously for his return this spring/summer. I was searching for a toad house to put on the stoop that might be more accommodating since we have seen two toads on our sidewalk already when I came across your article and photos on Toad Villages. Here is the village Helena and I put together. She is 4 and really had a blast. She went with spring color pots for the homes and has been anxiously checking them morning and evening. First night, the Pink house had a visitor snuggled into the leaves. Of course the pink one was the one she reserved for 'her friend the toad' from last year.

Thanks for the great idea. We had a very enjoyable afternoon searching our garage and a couple stores for the components and then got dirty together making it come together. I'll never forget her squeals of joy that first evening when she realized a toad had already stopped in for a visit." ~ Drew S.

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