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Sheet Ghosts Craft

How to Make a Ghost Using a Bed Sheet


Sheet Ghosts Craft

Sheet Ghosts Craft

Find out how to make a large ghost decoration or prop using a bed sheet and a few other supplies.

  • Age Guideline: 8 Years and Up
  • Time Required: 30 minutes (Does not include drying time)

The above age and time guidelines are estimates. This project can be modified to suit other ages and may take more or less time depending on your circumstances.


Materials Needed:

We haunted our yard with these large ghosts. We made "T" shapes out of 2 x 4's, and duct-taped a 12 inch child's ball to the top, center of the "T". We then draped a sheet over it. Very simple! We held the sheet in place by stapling it in the back to the wood. I made the eyes and mouths out of construction paper and taped them in place.

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