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Free Patterns and Instructions for Making Ghost Crafts and Activities


Check out all of these fun ghost projects. These homemade ghosts, ranging from tiny to extra large, are great to use for Halloween decorations and to add some extra spook to your haunted house. Try making several of these ghosts and then take a few moments to submit your ghost crafts to be published here.

Candy Sucker Ghost

Candy Sucker Ghost Craft
Submitted by Phyllis
Follow these instructions, shared by a visitor named Phyllis, and discover how simple it is to make a ghost out of a sucker and a twist tie.

Clay Pot Ghost

Clay Pot Ghost Craft
Flip on old flower pot upside-down and paint it white. Decorate it with a wooden beads and craft foam arms and you have yourself a ghost.

Dancing Ghosts

Dancing Ghosts
These cute dancing ghost are made using coffee filters and are great to hang up inside the house.

Dancing Yard Ghost

Dancing Yard Ghost Craft
These ghost are made out of old sheets and would be happy to dance around inside or outside.

Garbage Bag Ghost

Garbage Bag Ghost Craft
This ghost might be your best bet for outside, since he is made out of plastic garbage bags.

Ghost Bead Design

Ghost Beaded Safety Pin Design
Follow this pattern and you can craft a cute brooch out of safety pins and seed beads.

Ghost Candle

Ghost Candle
David Fisher
David Fisher teaches us how to bring a little spooky fun into your home with this great holiday candle project.

Ghost Felt Tote Bag

Ghost Felt Tote Bag
Sherri Osborn
Ready for some trick-or-treat fun? Check out this homemade felt tote bag decorated to look like a ghost.

Ghost Pin

Ghost Pin Craft
All you need to do to make this little ghost is draw a ghost shape onto wax paper and then fill it in with glue. Don't forget to set the two bead eyes in place while the glue is wet.

Ghost Sun Catcher

Ghost Suncatcher
Learn how you can use clear Con-Tact paper and a variety of white items to create a cute ghost.

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