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Homemade Gift Ideas for Kids

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Why not craft a special gift for a favorite kid? You will quickly become one of their favoite people if you give them one of these fun gifts. These are perfect to give at Christmas, for birthdays, or any time of the year. Don't forget to also make a home-made card or gift tag; then, you can use these creative gift wrapping ideas for the perfect finishing touch.

Beaded Bracelets

Beaded Friendship Bracelets
Gather together a few supplies and make several beaded bracelets to give to a special kid. The different colored beads all have different meanings.

Bean Bag Bear

Bean Bag Bear Craft for Kids
Craft a cute stuffed animal out of a sock and some beans. Use my directions to make a bear and then use your imagination to make other animals.

Book Worm Bookmark

Book Worm Bookmark
Any child who likes to read will love to get one of these personalized bookmarks from you.

Cardboard Box Castle and Puppet Theater

Cardboard Box Castle and Puppet Theater
Recycle any large boxes you have into a fun play thing to give to a special kid.

Chalkboard Piggy Bank

Chalkboard Piggy Bank Craft
Follow these instructions to make a piggy bank that a child can change every day if they like.

Chalkboard Tray Toy

Chalkboard Tray Toy
You can recycle an unwanted tray into a fun toy using chalkboard paint and these directions.

Clothespin Dolls

Clothespin Doll Craft
Use this tutorial to make several dolls to give as a gift to any kid you know.

Colorful Beach Towel

Colorful Beach Towel Craft
Make one of these personalized towels that can be used at the beach or even at home or school.

Colorful Name Plaques

Colorful Name Plaques
Discover how easy it is to make colorful plaques that can be customized to match the kid's room.

Door Knob Hanger

Door Knob Hanger Craft
Use my suggestions to craft a door knob hanger that can be given as a gift. Make sure you customize each one to suit the kids' personalities.
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