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How to Make Gifts for Home Decor


Check out this collection of crafts for the home that are great for gift giving. Make a variety of home crafts that are not only useful but also decorative. Once you make your gift, you may also want to make a homemade card to go with it. Make sure you also wrap it using some of these creative ideas.

Air Freshener Potpourri Jar

Air Freshener Potpourri Jar
Learn how to dress up potpourri so it makes a lovely gift everyone will love to display on a shelf.

Chalkboard Plate

Chalkboard Plate Craft
You can use a plate that you already have in your cupboard to create this unique gift, or find a vintage one at yard sale or antique store.

Clay Pot Bathroom Set

Clay Pot Toothbrush and Soap Holders
Use these instructions and a flower pot and saucer to make matching containers to hold toothbrushes and soap.

Crocheted Greeting Card Bowl

Crocheted Greeting Card Bowl
Use colorful greeting cards and this tutorial to make a bowl and then fill it with bowl with candies or small gift items.

Decoupaged Fabric Clock

Decoupaged Fabric Clock
You can make a custom clock by following this step-by-step tutorial. Choose fabric that matches the home's decor, and then use decoupage techniques to turn it into a colorful clock.

Decoupaged Plate

Decoupaged Plate Craft
A visitor named Diane explains how to decorate a clear, glass plate to create a unique gift to give to someone special.

Elegant Candle Holder

Elegant Candle Holder Home Craft
You can easily make this craft stick candle holder to give as a gift along with a votive candle.

Fabric Wall Hanging

Decoupage Fabric Wall Hanging Craft
This set of wall hangings would make a nice house warming gift. You can also make these using photos that are printed on fabric.

Homemade Message Board

Home-Made Message Board
This message board can be hung in the kitchen to hold photos of food and recipes or in an office to hold to-do lists and receipts.

Jewelry or Dresser Box

Jewelry or Dresser Box Craft
Use these instructions to make a decorate box that can be used to hold jewelry and other treasures.
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