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Glossary of Craft Terms

This glossary of crafting terms can help you figure out what an unfamiliar word means or learn more about specific crafts. If you know of a word that should be added, let me know!
  1. Alphateical Craft Terms (104)
  2. Crochet Terms
  3. Cross Stitch Glossary
  4. Decoupage Glossary (10)
  5. Drawing and Coloring Glossary (19)
  6. Embossing Glossary (12)
  7. Knitting Glossary
  8. Needlepoint Glossary
  9. Painting Glossary (16)
  10. Paper Craft Glossary (24)
  11. Paper Mache Glossary (14)
  12. Sewing and Quilting Glossary (10)
  13. Soap Glossary
  14. Stamping Craft Glossary (9)
  15. Woodworking Glossary

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