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G - Pre-K and Kindergarten Crafts

Index of crafts that are suitable for pre-K and kindergarten aged school kids that begin with the letter G. Jump to other letters using these links:
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Geo Dude or Dudette Craft

Missy explains how to make your own Chia Pet using old nylons.

Getting Ready For School Book

Kids will usually love the idea of practicing to get ready for school. This book will make them feel special and they can keep all their 'work' together.

Ghost Pin Craft

Instructions to make a small Halloween ghost you can wear.

Ghost Suncatcher

Find out how to make a simple suncatcher that looks like a ghost. This is a great craft for even the youngest child in the family.

Giving Thanks Tree Craft

This is a great way for your family to celebrate Thanksgiving. Have all your friends and family members add leaves to your tree as they visit over the holidays.

Glitter Bracelet

Mona Lisa shares instructions for making a simple bracelet using tape and glitter.

Glitter Leaf Decoration

Instructions for making a fun Autumn leafs to hang around your room, shared by H. Marie.

Glitter Spider Web

Make this spider web picture using black paper and glitter.

Glittery Snowflake Craft

Make a snowflake with fabric paint and glitter - makes a great window cling. Submitted by Diane.

Glowing Bug Necklace

Have your child make this easy craft while you are waiting to leave for a camping trip or even on the way to your destination.

Graham Cracker Houses

Find out how you can make miniature gingerbread-type houses using graham crackers.

Greeting Card Bookmark

Recycle the greeting cards you have received! Make this great bookmark from old cards.

Greeting Card Lacing Toy Craft

Recycle the greeting cards you have received! Make this neat lacing card for younger kids.

Greeting Card Ornaments

Recycle the greeting cards you have received! Make fun Christmas tree ornaments.

Greeting Card Placemat

Recycle the greeting cards you have received! Make a unique placemat.

Growing Magnet Craft

This unique project is not only educational, it would make a fun gift.

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