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Recycled Halloween Crafts for Kids

How to Make Halloween Crafts by Recycling Trash


There are a variety of recycled Halloween crafts that kids, and even adults, will enjoy making. Check out this long list of Halloween crafts that you can make by recycling items you might normally throw away. If you want even more Halloween crafts, sign up for my 31 Days of Halloween Crafts and Activities.

Bottle Cap Pumpkin Magnet

Bottle Cap Pumpkin Magnet Recycled Halloween Craft
This little pumpkin is made by recycling a bottle cap and decorating it with a chenille stem.

Candy Corn Jar

Candy Corn Jar Craft
Use this project sheet to recycle a glass jar into a tasty looking candle or treat holder.

Cardboard Tombstones

Cardboard Tombstones Recycled Halloween Craft
Discover how easy it is to use cardboard to create great tombstones you can use for Halloween decorations and haunted house props.

Dancing Yard Ghost

Dancing Yard Ghost Craft
Discover how easy it is to make ghosts you can decorate your yard with using old bed sheets.

Decoupage Pumpkin Jar

Decoupage Pumpkin Jar Recycled Halloween Craft
Grab an old jar and learn how you can decorate it to look like an adorable pumpkin.

Grocery Bag Pumpkin

Grocery Bag Pumpkin Craft
This project sheet, shared by Donna, explains how to craft this pumpkin out of several plastic grocery bags.

Halloween Surprise Tubes

Halloween Surprise Tubes Recycled Halloween Craft
Learn how you can create a fun Halloween party treat favor using toilet paper roll and some tissue.

Handprint Spider

Handprint Spider Craft
Follow the directions on this project sheet and you can make a variety of spiders using these directions, a toilet paper roll, and hand prints.

Jack-O-Lantern or Pumpkin CD

Jack-O-Lantern or Pumpkin CD Craft
You can recycle old CDs, or anything round, into jack-o-lanterns you can hang up in your windows. You can also attach magnets to the back so you can hang them on a refrigerator.

Light Bulb Mummy

Light Bulb Mummy Recycled Halloween Craft
You can use a spent light bulb, or even a florescent bulb, to create a mummy that is wrapped in used dryer fabric softener sheets.
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