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A little bit of tasty, Halloween fun! This is a Halloween snack mix recipe my son's class made for a classroom treat. The teacher sent home a letter requesting each student bring 1 - 2 cups of two of the spooky ingredients listed. On the designated date, the class mixed all their ingredients together in a large, plastic witch's cauldren. Make sure you not only have cups or bowls on hand for eating this Halloween snack mix right away, but make sure you have zip top baggies so everyone can take some home!

Here are some of the spooky ingredients requested and some gross ideas I thought of... Use as few or as many as you like!

  • Baked Skelton Bones (Pretzel Sticks)
  • Bat Brains (Popcorn)
  • Bloated Ants (Raisins)
  • Boiled Lady Bugs (Red Jelly Beans)
  • Braised Beetles (Milk Duds)
  • Candied Spider Eggs (Gum Drops)
  • Cheesy Owl Eyes (Puffed Cheese Balls)
  • Chocolate-Dipped Houseflies (Chocolate-Covered Raisins)
  • Compressed Cobwebs (Chex Brand or Similar Cereal)
  • Crumbled Bat Wings (Blue Corn Chips)
  • Deep Fried Fingernails (Bugles Brand Snacks)
  • Dehydrated Dragon's Wings (Doritos)
  • Dirty Shoelaces (Black Shoestring Licorice)
  • Dried Seaweed (Chow Mein Noodles)
  • Earthworm Knots (Miniature Pretzel Twists)
  • Flattened Slugs (Corn Chips)
  • Freeze Dried Drops of Blood (Red Hot Candies)
  • Ghost Guts (Mini Marshmellow)
  • Goblin's Belly Button Lint Balls (M & Ms, Any Style))
  • Plops of Pigeon Poop (Yogurt Covered Raisins)
  • Rat Claws (Shelled Sunflower Seeds)
  • Roasted Snack Eyes (Peanuts)
  • Shredded Lizard Gizzards (Coconut)
  • Splintered Turkey Bones (Shoestrings Potato Chips)
  • Toasted Cat's Eyes (Blanched Almonds)
  • Vulture Toenails (candy Corn)
  • Witches' Warts (Chocolate Chips)

Note from Alice Pattison: Alice used this snack mix for her daughter's preschool class. Since the kids could not read, she made lables with pictures to show the kids the list of ingrdients. For example, for toasted cat eyes, you could include a picture of toast, a picture or a cat, and a picture of an eye. Get it? What a great idea, thanks Alice!

Can you think of more gross ingredients? Feel free to post your ideas! (This Halloween snack mix would also make a great snack for a wizard-themed or Harry Potter party.)

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