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How to Make Cardboard Tombstones

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How to Make Cardboard Tombstones

How to Make Cardboard Tombstones

Sherri Osborn
The first year we had our haunted house, we used cardboard to make tombstones. While this was the simplest and cheapest method, they were only good for one season where we live because we used them outside. If you want the tombstones for indoor decorations, this might be the best method for you to use. This is also a good method to use when working with young kids!

We cut out a variety of headstone shapes out of cardboard and spray-painted them. We used flat, gray spray paint and then lightly sprayed/splattered black paint here and there. Make sure you also protest your work surface from any splattering paint.

We then used regular acrylic paint and wrote creative epitaphs on them. You can also paint designs on your tombstones or paint cracks around the ages. Don't forget to protect your paint job with a coat or two of clear acrylic sealer.

To make these tombstones stay in place in our outside cemetery, we pounded a length of lathe into the ground and stapled the cardboard to the lathe.

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