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How to Make Scary Hands

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How to Make Scary Hands

How to Make Scary Hands

Sherri Osborn
Find out how to make spooky hands which are great Halloween decorations and props for your haunted house. Dismembered hands add the perfect touch to spaces in your haunted house where bigger props won't fit. They also make great effects when mixed in with other props.

We are lucky enough to be able to get a hold of surgical gloves for free! For the best effect, stuff them loosely with fiberfill and tie off the end with a small piece of yarn, string, or use a rubber band. You can add details with paint if you like, like blood, scars, and veins. You can also use construction paper to make fingernails and add toy rings.

We added an arm to our hands using the sleeves off of old shirts. Cut the sleeve to the desired length, and use a hot glue gun to attach the tied part of the hand to the end of the sleeve. The sleeve can be stuffed lightly with crumpled newspaper. For the end of the sleeve, where you cut it off, crumple up a piece of newspaper and then open it. Tuck the ends down into the end of the sleeve to cover the newspaper you stuffed it with. Through your hole, you should only be able to see the last piece of newspaper you tucked in. Add a few drops of glue from the hot glue gun around the edges to secure it. Paint the newspaper that is showing red.

We used this technique to make hands reaching out of the ground! We cut pieces of lathe (the length will vary depending on how long your sleeve is), made on end into a point, and hammered the pointed end into the ground just a bit. We attached the hand to the sleeve, stuffed the sleeve with crumple plastic bags, and then slid the sleeve over the end of the lathe sticking out of the ground. We used a heavy-duty stapler to attach the sleeve to the piece of lathe.

This was a great effect! Stick it in front of a tombstone and it looks like someone is trying to escape from the ground! We have also lined paths using numerous arms.

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