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Circus Day

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What a great reason to celebrate on May 19th. Find ideas for crafts, games, and other activities.

Crafts to Make:

  • Decorate large pieces of paper, and then staple them into a cone shape to make a clown hat.
  • Make your very own Elephant Trunk and Elephant Ears Headband!
  • Make collages by cutting circus characters and animals out of magazines.
  • Make this Elephant Puppet.
  • Decorate paper plates to look like a clown face, complete with a red pom-pom nose. Make it into a mask if you want!
  • Make this Lion Face and pretend to be a lion tamer.
  • Check out these great circus related crafts.

Other Things To Do:

  • Plan to visit a circus!
  • Make a list of all the different animals in a circus.
  • Get out stuffed animals, clownish clothes, and anything else circus related you can think of and pretend you are part of a circus.
  • Sing this Elephants Song.
  • Sing this Circus Song.
  • Discuss the dangers of some of the acts in a circus.
  • Put a line of masking tape on the floor and pretend to walk the tightrope.
  • Paint your face to look like a clown.
  • Watch Disney's Dumbo movie.
  • Have animal crackers for a snack.
  • Learn this fun Five Little Clowns Song.
  • Buy balloons and try your hand at making balloon animals.

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